CEM is inspired by cement applied by hand with a spatula. The surface reproduces traces of the craftsman’s movements that extend and spread the cement on the ground. The uniqueness of the series is constituted by the infinite shades of grey and a fascinating and special glossy/opaque reflection on the surface that gives the product a unique and distinctive character. 

WORK This surface is inspired by traditional wood form-work created by carpenters for reinforced concrete structures and is characterized by unique and one-of-a-kind imprints in the cement, which leave indelible traces of the wood’s fibres and knots. Work is a surface capable of recreating the typical atmosphere of city buildings, designed to make both the interiors and exteriors of residential, commercial, or public spaces unique, whether installed on the floor, wall, or ceiling, and is also perfect for ventilated facades.

Thickness : 


Kerlite is the universal surface for architecture: thin, durable with the exclusive fiberglass reinforcement, versatile and easy to use. The Kerlite slabs are only 3,5 mm, 5,5 mm or 6,5 mm thick. This makes them flexible, light and extremely easy to handle. With the extension of its large formats it gives an extraordinary result in terms of beauty and charm in spaces and architectural designs.

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