GLAMDECOR: This is the ideal wallpaper for covering walls, ceilings, doors and wardrobe doors simply and quickly. Produced using environmentally friendly, breathable and odourless inks, it is the ideal solution for any interior surface, from residential to commercial, hospitality and healthcare. 

GLAMPLUS: This is the GLAMDECOR material supplied with a 2-phase epoxy resin for application directly on the installed wallcovering to create a waterproof finish.

Glamora is the market leader in the manufacturing of bespoke large-scale graphics wallcoverings. Their library of 1000+ images is second to none and you are sure to find a design that will suit your project's scheme. 

Every project is quoted and printed to order; this page will allow to roughly calculate the cost of your wall AND request a formal quote & graphic simulation, as well as order samples.

NOTE: Product price is intended per square meter.


Select the desired WALLCOVERING  product and:

1] Follow THIS LINK to choose your favourite graphic/s. The Glamora website allows you to filter the designs based on style and colour. As most designs are printable on most materials interchangeably (with some exceptions for the Glampure), we recommend to NOT use the material filter, as this is designed to only show the products that were originally launched in connection with a specific material.  

Once you have chosen the graphic & colour, make a note of the code/s in the "GLAMORA GRAPHIC'S CODE" field above.

2] Note the ACTUAL wall's size in the "WALL DIMENSIONS" field

3] If you have a preference on the positioning of the graphic on your wall, and/or if you require a SPECIAL COLOUR or alterations to the original graphic, please add these requests in the "SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS" field.

4] If you wish to have a rough idea of how much the wall is going to cost  (for initial estimate purposes only and while you wait for a formal quote), you need to estimate the potential waste. To do so, recalculate the size of your wall as follows:

  • Add 10 cm to your wall's height
  • Round-up your wall's width to the closest 50cm (if it is already a multiple of 50cm, add another 50 cm)
  • Multiply your newly calculated HEIGHT and WIDTH to obtain the Square meters required and round up to the closest whole number.   This is the number of Square meters you will need to insert in the quantity field to obtain your provisional estimate.

5] Click the "Add to Quote" button

Multiple consequential walls should be treated as a single wall. Just add ta note in walls dimensions' field to this effect.

If you are planning multiple unjoined walls, we recommend adding these to the quote separately.

If you have CAD drawings or sketches that you can share, please send them to - they are always most welcome and particularly helpful!

Please note: all glues & adhesives are included in the price and supplied with the product


Due to the bespoke nature of this product, standard FOC sampling is not available. If you would like to receive a material sample for this product to assess the look, feel and texture, these are available in stock here in the UK with random graphics printed on them. 

All specific graphics' samples requests are chargeable, as they are prepared, printed and shipped to order directly from Italy. We recommend you use the digital files and HR images available for each graphic on the GLAMORA website for all initial phases of the project, moodboard creation, presentations, etc, and only order specific samples, if required, once you have narrowed down your selection.

Please note that the same graphic will look very different on the different materials, so if printing a sample, always request this on the material you are planning to use.

To order samples, please visit our sampling section or click HERE


TEXTURED EFFECT: This material has a light finish that enhances the texture of the design. 

VOCS FREE: This material does not release volatile substances that could pollute the indoor environment.

WASHABLE: This material can be easily washed with a mild neutral detergent dissolved in warm water.

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