Like a pearl hanging from a thread, Metropol begins with a single lamp. Its clever form delivers beauty as a sophisticated wall sconce or as stacked singles, doubles and triples – suspended as simple pendants or curated into organic groupings and grand chandeliers.

Central to Metropol’s design is the distinctive trifoliate form in combination with the innovative use of light. Where shadows would normally exist along the converging line of each form, in Metropol, these fine seams are used to wrap a beautiful, soft cast of light around the luminaire.

Metropol’s strength is in its quiet charisma. Its design is one of intricacy and sophistication. Rather than overpowering a space, it leaves room for the architecture to stand out, making it a particularly versatile

lighting collection. Through its modular design and refined finishes, Metropol finds its full creative potential in the hands of the architect and designer.

DESIGN BY: Sebastian Herkner


Pendents come with own Ceiling rose.

Maximum module stack: 3 (due to wiring rating)

Max suspension length: 8m to bottom of pendant (due to distance from driver max 10m)

DIRVERS:  multiple drops per driver - minimum and maximums apply (refer notes against each driver)


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