TOOL grants strong personality to spaces making them unique in beauty and functionality. Its unequal technical features makes this product the ideal solution for the paving and lining of any space, even those with greater technical requirements. TOOL got its inspiration from contemporary architecture environments, with bold and modern lines that take advantage of the solid image of cement, transmitting a feeling of robustness and safety to environments.

Its graphic is that of a cement where the effect of salts is glimpsed in matt/gloss reflections. A versatile timeless surface that conciliates aesthetics with the advantages of a coloured porcelain stoneware paste.


PORCELAIN STONEWARE :                                                 9,5mm / 11mm
OUTDOOR PORCELAIN STONEWARE :                              20mm

LINEA Tool collection combines a strong personality to the ability of transforming spaces unique in beauty and functionality.

Laminated porcelain stoneware resistance and unique versatility make it a perfect solution ideal to every walls and floors coverings spaces.

The graphic is similar to cement where salt effect is visible in matt and shine reflections.

A timeless and versatile surface that gathers aesthetics to laminated stoneware advantages.

Prices are intended per Square mt. when quoting, please insert the desired square meters amount.

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