Lighting Architecture Movement Project is an international design competition and exhibition showcasing light and form through the lens of architectural design. Rakumba’s Dan Treacy entered his Pylite into contention and it rightfully got the attention it deserved.

Always a fan of a bad pun, Dan Treacy wanted to merge the crystalline mineral structure of Pyrite with decorative lighting design – thus creating Pylite.

Like the mineral itself, Dan’s design breaks convention and expectations. The completely opaque and brassy metallic quality has been labelled ‘fool’s gold’. It’s Pyrite’s geometric intrigue and sense of free-form chaos that inspired the piece.

‘Pylite is a modular luminaire disguised as an individual crystal prism.’

Pylite has the ability to become far greater than its discrete elements with the help of cunningly hidden cables. This intelligent design extends to its ultra compact shipping footprint. And brass’ strength is maximized by Pylite’s triangular shape.

‘Pylite gives off a soft indirect halo of light, turning surfaces into a brilliant gold… foolish or not.’

With the ability to combine in cuboid or planar arrays that can become table, planar and wall lights, or even ‘walls of light’, the applications await your imagination.


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