Over the years, we have built a comprehensive in-house library of samples for all of the non-US based brands we work with. Samples are available for most items, and where they are not in stock, we can usually have these arranged for you.

We are still in the process of uploading our samples on the platform, so if the product you are looking for does not appear on this page,  please do get in touch with your request!

Jacaranda Carpets and Rugs operate their own sample library from an office in the UK. Please contact us directly to order any Jacaranda samples - just select your product and click on the "scissors" symbol below the image. 

Please note: most of our sampling is "loaned" out to you/your client. You will be informed of the Samples value, and you will be responsible for sending this back in the same condition as you have received it, within a set period of time. When samples are sent out on a loan-basis, if not returned or lost they will be invoiced at the standard cost of a replacement.