Studio Truly Truly and Rakumba have designed a lighting system of exceptional flexibility and purity of form. The system is inspired by the way characters form words, and how these can be arranged in relationships to create a language of expression.

Typography’s first collection, CILON, consists of seven different lighting fixtures, or characters. Each light can be positioned on four sides of the central axis and can be controlled independently of any other.

Over time lights can be moved to new positions, or new lights and rails can be added. The design possibilities are almost limitless, delivering technically complex performance in a seemingly effortless way.

All lights come with Integrated 2700K integrated LEDs and DALI modules for individual digital programming and dimming

You can CLICK HERE to see some ready-priced compositions, or follow the steps below to create your own.


This page allows you to select and add to your quote the "rail" parts of the system and the ceiling/wall attachments. 

We find that the best way is to sketch your composition so you can use it to work out your requirements (number of ceiling attachments, rail ends, overlaps, etc).

1] FINISH COLOUR: This refers to the rails only. You can choose between Black and Gold.

2] MOUNT STYLE: You can set the rails to mount in a variety of ways, using Ceiling, walls and floor. If you have a special composition in mind, please provide further details in the "Rails Layout" dropdown section or drop un a sketch via email!

3] RAILS'LENGTH: Select the length of your required rails. Our system currently allows you to create bespoke compositions with up to 6 rails per section This allows you to create most compositions OR sections of a composition. If creating a complex arrangement, you should break this down into sections and come back and add further rails, caps and connectors to the quotation separately. You should use the RAIL 1 field only ONCE in each composition. If you are adding additional rails to the same composition, do not use the "RAIL 1"  field again. Please contact the office for design advice and a full design...

NOTE: On a U-shaped composition with discs, to allow adequate clearance, a minimum vertical rail length of 250mm should be used, which will put the horizontal at approx 230-220mm from the ceiling. Please note that this might look quite cramped - a 400mm vertical bar is considered to be a better minimum from a cosmetic perspective. 

4] SURFACE-MOUNT CONNECTORS: These can be fixed or adjustable. If you are connecting wall-to-wall or ceiling-to-floor, then the adjustable one is your best choice.

5] RAIL-END CAPS: these are designed to "close" the ends of the rails that are not fixed to a wall or ceiling.  

6] OVERLAP CONNECTORS: these will connect the rails to a minimum of 10 cm from the edge of the rail. They will also allow the flow of current, so all rails connected with overlap connectors will require a single electric point only.

7] RAIL-EXTENSION ALIGNERS: this is used to align 2 lengths of rail when you need to achieve a horizontal length longer than 2.8 mt. Please note that no electric connection will pass through the aligner connectors, so you will require additional entry points. 

8] TRANSFORMERS: You have the option of remote or on-rail transformers. Transformers selection is based on the number of lights you have added to the composition, as well as the type of dimming required. 

Always supplied as DALI and Switch-Dim capable. If the driver is connected to a DALI contol system, every luminaire may be independently switched and dimmed.

If a DALI control system is not being used on site, Switch-Dim via a bell press button is available as a simplified solution, which switches and dims all luminaires as one group (please note Switch-Dim still requires 2 extra dimming wires to run to the driver).



9] LUMINAIRES: to add the lights, please open the relevant page (the links below will open in a new tab):

MINI        DISC       LAYER       RIB       ROLL       SPOT       STAFF

10] WIRELESS PROGRAMMING: Rakumba can set up the wireless connection and programming for a small fee. We 

FINAL CHECK: Double check it all looks correct and adjust the transformers' selection based on the luminaires total wattage. If you are installing on a dimming system, please specify this in the notes.


  • The maximum horizontal span between vertical support rails is 2 mt.  The vertical support is a standard rail
  • The maximum weight of the modules per vertical support rail in a balanced arrangement is 10 kg
  • The maximum weight of the modules at 500mm cantilever distance from vertical support rail is 1 kg*
  • The minimum rail overlap distance is 10mm from the rail tip.
  • The minimum RADIUS for circular bars is 50 cm. We cannot accommodate narrower radiuses however, we can make this larger. Please contact the office for a bespoke size/circular/oval element/composition.

We encourage you to use the "COMPOSITION NOTES" to add your own notes and information about what part of the composition this particular selection refers to. 

NOTE: the quantity button at the bottom of the choice-set will multiply the whole composition.

* This refers to a scenario where the horizontal rail is only supported by a single vertical. This can create some twisting forces on the connection, particularly if it’s imbalanced. So we have a rule that if you only have one vertical, the maximum distance you can mount a light from the vertical support is 500mm (for a light of 1kg, which is most of the fittings). So the ideal setup is one where the fittings are not too far away from the vertical.

To find matching WALL and FLOOR lights, please follow the links below:


...don't forget, you can also create wall light using the Rail system!

If you require any further information or assistance in creating your composition, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

sales@sevenmeadows.co.uk    -    +44 01765 774 077

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